Isabel Crain

Since moving from Kansas to Pennsylvania to attend the University of Pittsburgh, Isabel has completed two bachelor’s degrees, a masters degree, and her PA certifications in math and special education. Isabel has experience working in traditional public schools, montessori schools, and charter schools. She completed a year long student teaching experience in Pittsburgh where she taught in three different placements: a 7th grade pre-algebra general education classroom, 7th and 9th grade learning support classrooms, and worked with 6th through 9th grade students providing autistic support, emotional support, and teaching life skills. Isabel now serves as a high school math special education teacher in the Pittsburgh area. She teaches 9th and 10th grade students in small group, learning support classes and also pushes into general education math classrooms to provide extra support. Isabel particularly enjoys teaching math in a way that encourages conceptual understanding. She fully embraces the individual needs of all her students and prioritizes finding and filling in gaps in understanding.

*Isabel possesses all current Pennsylvania clearances.


  • Certified Teacher
  • Masters of Education from the University of Pittsburgh
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Pittsburgh
  • Bachelor of Arts in Music from the University of Pittsburgh