John Henry Reilly

It is because of so many outstanding tutors and educators that John Henry became an educator himself. After graduating from St. John’s College in 2014, John Henry joined Teach For America to teach 7th grade Mathematics in Baltimore City. He then began teaching AP Physics I, Astronomy, Honors Physics I and Outdoor Education in south-central PA. In 2018, John Henry began a Masters of Arts in Religion program at Yale Divinity School. After graduating in 2020, he began pursuing a Ph.D. in Philosophy at Duquesne University. He currently works as a Teaching Assistant in Philosophy at Duquesne. John Henry always works to meet every student where they are, and strives to help all students discover the profound joys of learning.

*John Henry possesses all current Pennsylvania clearances.


  • Certified Teacher with 8 years of teaching and tutoring experience
  • Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts from St. John’s College
  • Masters of Arts in Religion from Yale University
  • Ph.D. in Philosophy at Duquesne University (Current)
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