Liz Boody

Between her work with Strong Women, Strong Girls and her field experiences at Duquesne, Liz has experience teaching in a variety of settings. She had the unique experience of completing the first half of her student teaching experience in Dublin, Ireland. She taught 8th grade math, focusing on Algebra 1 and Geometry concepts, and a 10th grade class focusing on Algebra 2 and Trigonometry. Additionally, she taught Algebra 2 to both honors and non-honors students via Google Classroom, and recorded video instruction. Liz has also been tutoring elementary students at a local after-school program for the past two years. She believes that students learn best when they are intrinsically motivated to learn, so she tries to create a learning environment that is interactive and enjoyable. As a tutor, she prioritizes the development of problem-solving skills, and hopes to inspire students to make real-world connections to academic concepts.

* Liz possesses all current Pennsylvania clearances.


  • Certified Teacher
  • Level 1 Google Certified
  • Bachelor of Science in Secondary Math Education from Duquesne University (7-12)
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Duquesne University
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