Sophia Sansone

Sophia is currently completing a full-time practicum as a student teacher. She works as a 9th grade English Language Arts student teacher and a Therapeutic Emotional Support Special Education teacher.  She designs lessons that synthesize students’ IEP goals with PA Core Standards and general education curriculum for math and English. She adapts curriculum to deliver instruction in the virtual classroom, mastering the use of online learning platforms. She creates engaging comprehensive units and lesson plans providing necessary IEP accommodations.

As an undergraduate, Sophia was a Corps Member and Team Leader for Jumpstart at the University of Pittsburgh, providing her with valuable education experience and training.  With Jumpstart, she had the opportunity to provide individual instruction to preschoolers from underserved neighborhoods with the intent to ensure kindergarten readiness and promote educational equity.

Sophia welcomes, includes, and embraces the individual needs of all her students with the intent to help each student reach their highest potential. She creates an inclusive and accepting climate using culturally responsive pedagogy and individualized attention. Sophia is passionate, innovative and uses students’ interests to design academic content.

* Sophia possesses all current Pennsylvania clearances.


  • Certified Teacher
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Minor in Education, Certificate in Children’s literature from the University of Pittsburgh
  • Masters of Special Education and Instruction Certificate (June 2021)
  • Recipient of the June and William Mullens Endowment Scholarship – University of Pittsburgh, School of Education
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