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Working with Essie at Pittsburgh tutor has been a game changer for my son who struggles in school. He is always in a great mood after tutoring because he feels good about his learning when he is there and with each session his confidence in his own abilities is growing. Essie is one of the best teachers I have met, not only has she worked so well with my son on things that he normally avoids like the plague but she has also given me crucial advice about school choice, what kinds of accommodations to seek at school and things to do at home to help him. I’ve hired her to come to parent teacher conferences and a meeting with a director of student services at a district we were thinking of moving to. She has taught me invaluable lessons about how to advocate for my son and she has taught my son invaluable lessons about his own capabilities. I don’t know much yet about the other tutors but I can see that Essie has very high standards and holds the other tutors in very high regard. Highly recommended!
Emily Z.
Pittsburgh Tutor has been a life-saver for our family and our 9th grader! Ms. Essie worked hard to connect us with the perfect tutor for our daughter. She responds immediately to any communication we send, and is very accommodating. Her goal is our goal; to address our child’s specific tutoring needs and to find a time when it works best for our schedule. As for our tutor: We could not be happier with Ms. Keri – she is kind, incredibly smart and knowledgeable about a wide range of subjects, and has taught our daughter valuable studying and test taking skills in addition to helping her with specific subject knowledge. I absolutely cannot say enough about how wonderful Pittsburgh Tutor is – and especially Ms. Keri!
Laura J.
My son receives language arts and math tutoring from Pittsburgh Tutors. Essie and her staff are exceptional! They are patient, dedicated, and thorough. They provide me with a detailed progress report after every session so that I know what they are working on and towards. She provides more than academic support. She is helping my son attain skills that will make him a successful student and adult. She keeps in contact with his teachers and assists me with anything that she can to help my son achieve his personal and academic goals. I am grateful for the services they provide to my family.
Tamesia V.
We were immediately struck by Roman’s friendly and positive attitude and his ability to get the best out of our 15 year old son. He made Algebra 2 tutoring, homework, and test preparation way less difficult than we would have expected. While no kid looks forward to tutoring-time, our son never complained about his sessions with Roman. On top of it all, Roman is successful at what he does – our son is doing very well in his Math course and is confident in his Math abilities!
Essie and her team are incredible – I cannot imagine finding a more supportive and caring environment, or more personalized attention. The sessions have been engaging and interesting, and the recommendations on how to meet our kids needs have been amazingly on target, adapting to their progress. The feedback is useful, and they have been very responsive to our input. Most importantly, the results have been wonderful! Our kids have learned so much, beyond our expectations. We will always be so appreciative of them going way beyond the call of duty to help our kids in the most effective way. Thank you!
Michelle M.
Pittsburgh tutor has been such an amazing and positive place for my 14 year old daughter who has struggled so much with Math over the years. Leah, who has been my daughters tutor, has done such a phenomenal job working with her. She takes the time to really focus on what it is that Our daughter needs to work on and does a great job teaching her the skills that she needs. Leah has boosted our daughters confidence in math and has helped her Bring her grade up tremendously to a grade that we haven’t seen in years.
Erin J.
Essie is nothing short of a miracle worker! I took my son to her for reading help toward the end of his second grade year. He was more than a year behind grade level expectations, struggling terribly and convinced that no amount of effort was going to help him learn to read. Under Essie’s guidance, he gained the reading skills to catch up with expectations for his grade level in mere months and learned that reading doesn’t have to be the punishment he thought it was. The progress he made from week to week was truly astonishing. It was like Essie turned on a reading light bulb in his brain. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to work with Essie.
Nicole W.
Essie is an outstanding teacher. She wrangled my daughter back into great standing academically in such a short time. I can’t stress enough how well she worked with my daughter. She has a way of tapping into my kids head and unlocking infinite possibilities of learning. Looking forward to the next school year and so is my child. Essie made learning fun and it’s great to see the confidence back in my child. Thank you.
Peter K.
Pittsburgh Tutor has been a great help. We have seen considerable improvement in our son’s performance since starting their services. They offer flexible days and times and are very accommodating. All the tutors are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I would highly recommend Pittsburgh Tutor.
My daughter had a great experience with Pittsburgh Tutor. Essie worked with us to develop just the right plan for her needs. Amy and Bobby were terrific tutors. Bobby was incredibly flexible and energetic. I highly recommend Pittsburgh Tutor! Thank you!
Rebecca C.
Tutors worked with our HS teens on math and statistics. Their tutors are super welcoming, accommodating, patient, and dedicated to making sure that students understand the material. Our teens gained mastery of the concepts and we are most appreciative for the work of these tutors. They make a Difference!
Ellen H.
My son came to meet with Pittsburgh tutor in September and was at a first grade reading level. He has rapidly improved since then. The latest test scores had him at a 3.7. I am very pleased with the work that has been done. With this improvement, he has become more confident in himself and more passionate about reading!!
Amanda G.
We are working with Essie and Avery for our son who needs extra help with reading and writing. They have been patient and our son actually looks forward to tutoring each week! Thankful to have found such great tutors!
Jeffrey B.
Both Kayla and Keri are wonderful – they are excellent tutors, but also very personable. Overall, a great experience for our daughter.
Marta K.
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