Tailor-made Tutoring for Students in Grades K-12

Help Prepare Your Child To Meet
The Demands Of PA Core and Beyond!

School expectations have increased dramatically in recent years. Students may need additional academic support to maintain a healthy sense of self while striving to meet these demands.

Additionally, teaching methods also have changed, leaving parents unsure of how best to help their children.  Parents may want to offer enrichment activities to better prepare their children for the upcoming year, or to help their student achieve on standardized tests.

Pittsburgh Tutor offers in-person sessions at our office in Regent Square or over Zoom. Please contact us to discuss your child’s specific needs, and for more information about scheduling and rates.

We Get Results


Homework Help

Get caught up and stay caught up on nightly homework, long-term assignments and projects. Allow completing homework to be your opportunity to solidify conceptual understanding.

Skills & Confidence Building

Identify and fill holes in learning to increase your acquisition of current concepts. Be certain of what you know, and learn how to demonstrate your understanding. Practice skills to bolster confidence.

Enrichment and Extensions

Go deeper and broader. Extend learning introduced in the classroom. Engage in project-based assignments, and make real-world connections that contribute to future success.

Study & Organizational Skills

Learn skills that will serve you for a lifetime. Gain independence. Learn how to be a capable and responsible student.

Test Prep

Get ready for tests, quizzes, midterms and finals. Learn strategies and skills for the SAT, ACT, Keystone and other standardized tests.

Support in All Subject Areas

Enjoy tailor-made lessons designed to meet the needs of all students in grade levels kindergarten through twelve.