Help prepare your child to meet the demands of PA Core and beyond!

School expectations have increased dramatically in recent years. Students may need additional academic support to maintain a healthy sense of self while striving to meet these demands. Additionally, teaching methods also have changed, leaving parents unsure of how best to help their children.  Parents may want to offer enrichment activities to better prepare their children for the upcoming year, or to help their student achieve on standardized tests. Pittsburgh Tutor will travel to you or see clients at our location in Regent Square. We also will meet with students at the library or another location of your choosing. Please contact us to discuss your child’s specific needs, and for more information about scheduling and rates.

Pittsburgh Tutor offers year-round SAT, ACT and Keystone Test Prep.


Pittsburgh Tutor is now accepting clients for online and in person sessions

building tailor-made, core-aligned curriculum to keep kids caught up during this difficult time